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Motor boats in Port de Sóller (Spain) - jigsaw puzzlesLagazuoi peak in the Dolomites (Italy) - jigsaw puzzlesAgios Nikolaos (Greece) - jigsaw puzzles

Compose jigsaw puzzles online. Thanks to the internet, puzzle players can now compete against each other online. Complete the puzzle in the shortest time with the least amount of moves and you will join other great players on our Hall of Fame. You can choose from among many puzzle pictures and photos either by thematic categories or by level of difficulty.

How to choose a picture?

You can choose puzzles by subject or by level of difficulty. When you view a photo of the puzzle, the number of stars () indicates the difficulty of the puzzle. The more stars, the more difficult the puzzle is to solve.

How to compose jigsaw puzzles?

When you click on the "Compose puzzles" button (or click directly on the picture), a window will open where you can then enter your (alias) name. It is important to enter your name when you're competing against other players so that when you ace your competition your alias appears on the list of the best results for that puzzle. After entering your name, the puzzle should appear. Be patient - this may take a few moments. The picture is divided into rectangles and scrambled in a random sequence. To switch the places of two puzzle pieces, first click on one of the pieces and then click on the second piece. The challenge is to compose the jigsaw puzzle quickly using the least amount of moves.

Multiplayer game

If you decide that you are a multiplayer, it is worth to have a look at the section with multiplayer jigsaw puzzles. Skillful cooperation within a group may allow efficient competition with other teams. You may invite your family and friends to join the game and have fun with other players who have already started composing the jigsaw puzzles.

Easy puzzles

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Any problems?

If you have any problems playing the jigsaw puzzles online (for example, if you do not see an image come up after entering your name), it could mean that your browser is not compatible with html5. Nearly all browsers are html5 capable which is what enables you to play our online jigsaw puzzles. We advise the use of Firefox as a web browser, but our jigsaw puzzles can also be played with Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome or Safari.

Please note: if you do not see all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, check your screen resolution. You will need to have at least 1024x768 screen resolution to see all the pieces.

Our puzzles are for you

We created free jigsaw puzzles online for you. We regularly add new, high-quality photos. Almost everyone can join us and play online jigsaw puzzles. If you have your own website or webblog, people visiting your site can play our jigsaw puzzles. Place our puzzles on your website and let your visitors play for free. With just a few clicks you can paste the HTML code to your website. Check out our widget - it's free! What's more, you can even make a custom jigsaw puzzle out of your own photo and place it on your personal website.

If you do not want our jigsaw puzzles to actually be on your website but still want to provide the fun, you can insert links that point to the puzzles. Tell your friends or write about us on forums you usually participate in. We invite you to add bookmarks in your browser or social networks.

We welcome all players - not just our Hall of Fame folks who solve puzzles every day in the spirit of competition - but also players who just want to work jigsaw puzzles online for fun. We welcome your opinions, and we invite you to enjoy our jigsaw puzzles.

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