Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

Do you want to have jigsaw puzzles made from your own picture on your blog or website? Even if you do not have a website or blog, you can still create puzzles and send links to your friends. Your friends will also be able to compete by arranging puzzles, and may even make it on the list of the best scores. It is very simple: all you need is a picture compressed in JPG format (e.g., from a digital camera) and a few moments of free time. We will explain the entire upload process to you, step by step.

If you do not have a proper picture of your own, you may always place one of our pictures on your website.

Choose jpg file to upload

The picture should be in JPG format and of the best quality possible. The resolution should be a minimum of 600 x 300 pixels. If you are not certain as to whether your photo meets these requirements, do not worry; our system will confirm when your photo has been successfully uploaded.

By accepting the rules of adding pictures to the website, I declare that I have the rights to use this photo.

Remember to accept the rules before sending a picture. Uploading a picture may take a few minutes, so just be patient. After the upload is finished, your picture will be visible on the screen along with further directions.

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Beach between rocks in Algarve (Portugal) - jigsaw puzzles
District of Ribeira in Porto (Portugal) - jigsaw puzzles
Composition of spices and nuts - jigsaw puzzles
Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) - jigsaw puzzles
Florence (Italy) - jigsaw puzzles