Catalogue of jigsaw puzzles

The catalogue of jigsaw puzzles is the place where you may choose a picture you would like to assemble. You will find here many pictures uploaded by us, they are all thematically categorized. There is also a special section with pictures uploaded by the Users of our service. If you are the author of the jigsaw puzzle created on our website, you must know that jigsaw puzzles are not uploaded to the catalogue automatically and it does not happen at a glance. Jigsaw puzzles can be also browsed through in accordance with the level of difficulty.


Old houses in Candelaria (Colombia) - jigsaw puzzlesSpacious wooden veranda - jigsaw puzzlesOrthodox church in the village of Tročany (Slovakia) - jigsaw puzzles


Fruit salad - jigsaw puzzlesGerberas - jigsaw puzzlesVillage of Braunwald covered with snow (Switzerland) - jigsaw puzzles


Yachts in Lofoten (Norway) - jigsaw puzzlesVintage peak on Victoria Peak (China) - jigsaw puzzlesVintage pickup - jigsaw puzzles


Sandwich - jigsaw puzzlesFruit juices - jigsaw puzzlesColorful buttons - jigsaw puzzles


Motor racing „1000 lakes” in Olsztyn - jigsaw puzzlesFormer gymnasium in Olsztyn - jigsaw puzzlesThe New Town Hall in Olsztyn - jigsaw puzzles



Fishing town of Tenby (United Kingdom) - jigsaw puzzles
Jellies in sugar - jigsaw puzzles
New York Chinatown (USA) - jigsaw puzzles
Various meat products - jigsaw puzzles
Budapest (Hungary) - jigsaw puzzles
City hall in Belgrade (Serbia) - jigsaw puzzles