Catalogue of multiplayer jigsaw puzzles

The catalogue of multiplayer jigsaw puzzles contains pictures that can be assembler by many players at the same time, the players may obviously cooperate with each other. The pictures are thematically categorized, so everyone may find something interesting. After selecting a picture a player will see a website thanks to which it will be possible to create a new jigsaw puzzles table and invite friends to join it. Instead of that, it is also possible to join the table that already exists, by which someone is already assembling jigsaw puzzles (provided the owner of the table has consented to it).


BirdPanorama of Lyon (France) - jigsaw puzzlesPanorama of Venice at sunset (Italy) - jigsaw puzzles


Plumeria - jigsaw puzzlesCoral reef - jigsaw puzzlesSunset over the lake - jigsaw puzzles


One of the port canals in Copenhagen (Denmark) - jigsaw puzzlesFishing boats in Scarborough (United Kingdom) - jigsaw puzzlesMotorboats by Cala d


Extended continental breakfast - jigsaw puzzlesVarious kinds of cheese - jigsaw puzzlesColorful caramels - jigsaw puzzles


Panorama of Warsaw (Poland) - jigsaw puzzlesZlota Street - jigsaw puzzlesStone Steps - jigsaw puzzles

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland - jigsaw puzzles
Blue Mosque in Istanbul (Turkey) - jigsaw puzzles
Fjord on the Lofoten Islands (Norway) - jigsaw puzzles
Lower Manhattan (USA) - jigsaw puzzles
Colorful houses in Bosa (Italy) - jigsaw puzzles