Catalogue of multiplayer jigsaw puzzles

The catalogue of multiplayer jigsaw puzzles contains pictures that can be assembler by many players at the same time, the players may obviously cooperate with each other. The pictures are thematically categorized, so everyone may find something interesting. After selecting a picture a player will see a website thanks to which it will be possible to create a new jigsaw puzzles table and invite friends to join it. Instead of that, it is also possible to join the table that already exists, by which someone is already assembling jigsaw puzzles (provided the owner of the table has consented to it).


Half-timbered tenement houses in Petite France quarter of Strasbourg (France) - jigsaw puzzlesInterior of the building in Gothic style - jigsaw puzzlesColorful houses in Varenna on Lake Como (Italy) - jigsaw puzzles


Beach in Porto Cristo (Spain) - jigsaw puzzlesNatural rock pools at Virgin Gorda (United Kingdom) - jigsaw puzzlesMulti-colored tomatoes - jigsaw puzzles


Suburban train in Moscow (Russia) - jigsaw puzzlesMooring piers in Karlskrona (Sweden) - jigsaw puzzlesYachts in the harbor in Balaklava (Ukraine) - jigsaw puzzles


Flea market in Svaneke (Denmark) - jigsaw puzzlesTray with breakfast served in bed - jigsaw puzzlesNachos with cheddar and guacamole - jigsaw puzzles


Panorama of Warsaw (Poland) - jigsaw puzzlesZlota Street - jigsaw puzzlesStone Steps - jigsaw puzzles

River in Himalayas - jigsaw puzzles
Mozart Statue in Salzburg (Austria) - jigsaw puzzles
Aleje Jerozolimskie, pre-1915 - jigsaw puzzles
Fresh fruit and vegetables at a market stall - jigsaw puzzles
Świętokrzyski Bridge in Warsaw (Poland) - jigsaw puzzles