Catalogue of multiplayer jigsaw puzzles

The catalogue of multiplayer jigsaw puzzles contains pictures that can be assembler by many players at the same time, the players may obviously cooperate with each other. The pictures are thematically categorized, so everyone may find something interesting. After selecting a picture a player will see a website thanks to which it will be possible to create a new jigsaw puzzles table and invite friends to join it. Instead of that, it is also possible to join the table that already exists, by which someone is already assembling jigsaw puzzles (provided the owner of the table has consented to it).


Terrace and garden - jigsaw puzzlesJodhpur (India) - jigsaw puzzlesCity gate in Jihlava (Czech Republic) - jigsaw puzzles


Lagazuoi peak in the Dolomites (Italy) - jigsaw puzzlesBasket with tomatoes - jigsaw puzzlesVantage point at the top of Mount Geumosan (South Korea) - jigsaw puzzles


Light rail in Phoenix (USA) - jigsaw puzzlesYachts in Lofoten (Norway) - jigsaw puzzlesVintage peak on Victoria Peak (China) - jigsaw puzzles


Printed circuit board - jigsaw puzzlesMulti-colored lollipops in the shape of a heart - jigsaw puzzlesRaw pizza dough - jigsaw puzzles


Motor racing „1000 lakes” in Olsztyn - jigsaw puzzlesFormer gymnasium in Olsztyn - jigsaw puzzlesThe New Town Hall in Olsztyn - jigsaw puzzles

Ek Balam (Mexico) - jigsaw puzzles
Roofs of Paris tenement houses seen from the tower of Notre Dame Cathedral (Fran - jigsaw puzzles
Lions Resting - jigsaw puzzles
Pocket watch on a chain - jigsaw puzzles
Port Vell in Barcelona (Spain) - jigsaw puzzles