Catalogue of jigsaw puzzles

The catalogue of jigsaw puzzles is the place where you may choose a picture you would like to assemble. You will find here many pictures uploaded by us, they are all thematically categorized. There is also a special section with pictures uploaded by the Users of our service. If you are the author of the jigsaw puzzle created on our website, you must know that jigsaw puzzles are not uploaded to the catalogue automatically and it does not happen at a glance. Jigsaw puzzles can be also browsed through in accordance with the level of difficulty.


Panorama of Frankfurt am Main (Germany) - jigsaw puzzlesFortified church in Biertan (Romania) - jigsaw puzzlesToompea Cathedral Hill in Tallinn (Estonia) - jigsaw puzzles


Panorama of Terre-de-Haut island (Guadeloupe) - jigsaw puzzlesColorful autumn leaves - jigsaw puzzlesRaspberries and strawberries with yoghurt - jigsaw puzzles


Lilla Dan sailing ship at Christiansø (Denmark) - jigsaw puzzlesMarina in Miami (USA) - jigsaw puzzlesKarlskrona Harbor (Sweden) - jigsaw puzzles


Strings of amber beads on the stall in Poland - jigsaw puzzlesMuffins with fruits - jigsaw puzzlesCeramic mosaic - jigsaw puzzles


Panorama of Warsaw (Poland) - jigsaw puzzlesZlota Street - jigsaw puzzlesKrakowskie Przedmiescie Street - jigsaw puzzles



Tea plantation (Malaysia) - jigsaw puzzles
Evening panorama of Shanghai (China) - jigsaw puzzles
Night view of the canal in Bruges (Belgium) - jigsaw puzzles
Fablok 401Da diesel locomotive - jigsaw puzzles
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) - jigsaw puzzles
Praia de Marinha (Portugal) - jigsaw puzzles