History - Warsaw, Poland

Prewar Warsaw was enshrined in thousands of photos and postcards. Many of them have survived to this very day in the collections of the State Archives of the Capital City of Warsaw.
Warsaw had a population of 1,300,000 prior to the year 1939. The neo-Gothic, neo-Renaissance, Art Nouveau, and Modern architecture of the main streets - Krakowskie Przedmieście (Cracow Faubourg), Jerozolimskie Avenues, Nowy Świat (New World Street), and Marszałkowska Street - endowed the city with the look of a European metropolis.
In 1945, the destroyed and burned capital of Poland was a sea of rubble. Its reconstruction, often conducted in accordance with postwar - frequently ideological - guidelines also brought changes to the image of the city. Warsaw was reborn. This in no way means that it is impossible to find reconstructed fragments of the prewar city. An example is the Old Town rebuilt on the basis of old paintings, graphics and photos, entered onto the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1980.
This is the very first time when archival materials from the collections of the State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw are presented on puzzles. Up till now we have published and promoted our holdings in a more traditional way through exhibitions, catalogues and albums. I believe however, that this original way of presenting archival materials will also allow to consider a photo or a postcard not only as a nice picture, but also as a source of knowledge about history of a city and its architecture. Perhaps, thanks to the puzzles we can even better scrutinize unique elements of architecture that sometimes might escape our notice during having a glance at a postcard or skimming through an album. I also hope that presented pictures encourage all fans of puzzles to visit Warsaw, that has been changing over the years.
I would like to invite you to www.epuzzle.info wishing you a lot of fan with arranging puzzles of historical views of the capital city of Poland,
Director of the State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw
Ryszard Wojtkowski

Eastern Orthodox church - jigsaw puzzles
Eastern Orthodox church
Church of St. Jacob - jigsaw puzzles
Church of St. Jacob
St. Alexandre Square - jigsaw puzzles
St. Alexandre Square
Warsaw-Vienna Railroad Station - jigsaw puzzles
Warsaw-Vienna Railroad Station
Vilnius Railroad Station - jigsaw puzzles
Vilnius Railroad Station
Marszalkowska Street - jigsaw puzzles
Marszalkowska Street
Nowy Świat Street, 1939 - jigsaw puzzles
Nowy Świat Street, 1939
University of Technology - jigsaw puzzles
University of Technology
Castle Square - jigsaw puzzles
Castle Square
Summer theater in Saxon Garden - jigsaw puzzles
Summer theater in Saxon Garden
Cracow Faubourg - jigsaw puzzles
Cracow Faubourg
Philharmonic Hall, pre-1908 - jigsaw puzzles
Philharmonic Hall, pre-1908
Cirrus building - jigsaw puzzles
Cirrus building
Marszalkowska Street - jigsaw puzzles
Marszalkowska Street
Leszno Street - jigsaw puzzles
Leszno Street
Wilanow Palace - jigsaw puzzles
Wilanow Palace
Aleje Jerozolimskie, pre-1915 - jigsaw puzzles
Aleje Jerozolimskie, pre-1915
King Sigismund’s Column - jigsaw puzzles
King Sigismund’s Column
Stone Steps - jigsaw puzzles
Stone Steps
Kalisz Railroad Station - jigsaw puzzles
Kalisz Railroad Station
Adam Mickiewicz monument - jigsaw puzzles
Adam Mickiewicz monument
The Grand Theater of Warsaw - jigsaw puzzles
The Grand Theater of Warsaw
Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus - jigsaw puzzles
Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus
Grójecka Avenue - jigsaw puzzles
Grójecka Avenue
Trebacka Street in Warsaw - jigsaw puzzles
Trebacka Street in Warsaw
Old Town Market Square - jigsaw puzzles
Old Town Market Square
Zlota Street - jigsaw puzzles
Zlota Street
Panorama of Warsaw (Poland) - jigsaw puzzles
Panorama of Warsaw (Poland)
Plan of Warsaw (Poland) - jigsaw puzzles
Plan of Warsaw (Poland)

Spring rolls and sweet and sour sauce - jigsaw puzzles
New Abbots’ Palace in Gdansk (Poland) - jigsaw puzzles
Rice with caramelized apple - jigsaw puzzles
Park in the center of Visby (Sweden) - jigsaw puzzles
Kyrkö Mosse Car Graveyard (Sweden) - jigsaw puzzles