Ura e GoricësUra e TamaresMost Kamienny w Kaliszu


Londyntunel del metro de Praga


The Dream of a SailorRodrigo FariaPuzzle


Kulla e Gjon Markagjonit - ShkodërGuess whatChiny 2009

Castles and palaces

PuzzleChiny 2012Social Distance Puzzle 1

Temples and churches

Izrael 2013Dome of the Rock, PalestineKlooster

Cities and towns

Ułóż Kętrzyn część 2Izrael 2013Izrael 2013

Ancient world

ApameaChiny 2012Chiny 2012


Chiny 2009Clue #1- Famous site in Italytalisay


Domek hobbitaSiscia in situZekate House

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