Multiplayer Jigsaw Puzzles

In the basic version of our jigsaw puzzles, the players compete with one another, trying to compose the jigsaw puzzles as precisely and fast as it is possible. Multiplayer jigsaw puzzles offer an additional possibility of cooperation during the game.

No active games

At this very moment there are no active public tables with jigsaw puzzles that could be joined. However, you may create your own table and invite other players to assemble jigsaw puzzles with you.

Closer to traditional jigsaw puzzles

If often happens that the whole family gathers and tries to compose traditional cardboard-made jigsaw puzzles, working together in order to achieve ultimate success - the arranged picture. The common goal but also competition, as it is important who is the first to find the next missing piece and who is more observant, make jigsaw puzzles a great source of entertainment. Long conversations that take place during long hours of composing the jigsaw puzzles add to the unique climate of the jigsaw puzzles table. We hope that the lovers of cardboard-made jigsaw puzzles will also enjoy our multiplayer version of the puzzles as well as we believe that we may arouse interest of those who are not really fond of traditional jigsaw puzzles.

Virtual table

In our multiplayer game players have a chance to create a virtual table by which several people may sit. The team may consist of people who do not know each other (it is also an opportunity to meet new people). It is also possible to invite friends or family to play online together. Jigsaw puzzles can be arranged in a calm relaxing way and players may chat during that time. Players may also compete with other teams, trying to arrange jigsaw puzzles as quickly as possible, making a limited number of mistakes. It is cooperation that is the most crucial. When you set up a virtual table you have a chance to select from numerous available pictures.

Rules of the multiplayer game

As in the case of individual jigsaw puzzles online, the multiplayer jigsaw puzzles also require from the players both precision and speed. In the multiplayer version we do not count the moves but only the time. However, if you make a mistake ("empty" moves) we count penal seconds. The team's task is to arrange the picture in the shortest possible time.

How to start

Are you wondering how to start? It's very easy. Find a free place by the table at which the game is taking place. You may also choose any picture and set up a table of your own. Other players may join in.

For the best players

Multiplayer jigsaw puzzles, as all online games, have the rankings of the best players. There is a list of the best games attached to each picture. The higher the place in the ranking, the more points the team got. The points of the team are distributed between individual players, depending on their contributions - in proportion to the number of composed jigsaw puzzles in the victorious game. Cooperation in arranging the picture as quickly as possible is the primary goal while composing the jigsaw puzzles collectively. However, the players compete with one another as well - they try to achieve the best place within the team.
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