The rules

of the service of adding your own pictures on an website
  1. The following rules describe how to add pictures and graphics (further called pictures) to our website.
  2. We make adding pictures by users possible in order to display them on our website as well as on the user's websites.
  3. You must be the author of the picture or posses the proper consents of the owners of the rights and have the right to publish pictures on websites. What is more, the pictures cannot break the law or good manners in any way.
  4. Pictures cannot show pornographic or erotic images.
  5. You must provide a valid e-mail address in case of solving possible doubts connected with your picture.
  6. By sending a picture you give your consent to use the picture on our website as well as on other websites, including those of other users. You also give your consent for a technical correction of the picture and its free description.
  7. We reserve the right not to display the picture on the website, its correction, to changing the title and description as well as deleting the picture without giving any reason.
  8. We reserve the right to change these rules without notification.
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