Cenotes... wateway to the Mayan Afterlife

“The watery graves of the Maya”, an article featured in National Geographic brought me to this part of the world and ignited my curiosity of the ancient Mayan underworld.

Hundreds of cenotes exist in the Yucatan Peninsula, and believed to have been used by the pre-hispanic and contemporary Mayan people both as a source of fresh water and as a setting for sacred rituals, especially those dedicated to the rain gods.

A local guide told me that a team of archaeologists, cavers, photographers, and local guides entered the jungle in hopes of uncovering the way caves were used by the ancient Maya to enact rituals and communicate with spirits to elevate their social and religious status. Through their excavation efforts, researchers documented petroglyphs (rock engravings) and ancient pathways, as well as offerings such as human remains, ceramics, and jewellery dating from 800 B.C. to after contact with the Spanish.
Cenotes... wateway to the Mayan Afterlife
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