View of Jodhpur (India)

Vladimir Sklyarov 300 2014-10-26
View of Jodhpur (India)

Jodhpur is the city located in the central part of India, in the state of Rajasthan, close to the Thar desert. Due to the large number of houses painted blue, the place is called the “Blue City”. The characteristic color of buildings within the limits of the old town remains a mystery. Scientists claim that originally it was reserved for the caste of priests, who wanted to distinguish themselves in this way. In the course of time the custom of painting facades blue was adopted by the members of other castes. The citizens claim that the blue color in the desert climate reminds them of water, as well as makes it possible to maintain coldness in houses and streets. Regardless of the reasons for which entire districts of Jodhpur were painted blue, it has to be admitted that the panorama of the city is one of the most unique in the world and as such it attracts thousands of tourists.

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149,orka na ugorze 316 - ciężka harówka przez dwa dni i tyko kilka ruchów na pewniaka. Reszta masakrycznie nieprzewidywalna. Waściwie szkoda czasu, bo efekt nie cieszy niesamowity oczopląs Walka I walka ,wynik 175 wow.... konkretny oczopląs :) 152 a mogło być 147... 166...dałam rade.... Ufff! To nie było łatwe. Niebiesko mi.Trudne, ale warto się pomęczyć.

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