Bridge of Lions in Saint Augustine (USA)

Jeff Burton 690 2015-09-21
Bridge of Lions in Saint Augustine (USA)

St. Augustine is a town located in the American state of Florida on the Atlantic Ocean. It is also one of the oldest settlements in the continental part of the USA. The town has a double-leaf bascule bridge that spans the town and the island of Anastasia. The bridge is guarded by the two stone lions placed on its western end – the name of the bridge is obviously derived from the statues. The statues refer to the marble statues of wild cats that decorated the villa of Ferdinando I de' Medici in the 16th century. The bridge in St. Augustine was built in 1926, and in 2010 – after a major repair – it was reopened again. The Bridge of Lions is depicted on numerous postcards and pictures promoting the town.

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