San Antonio at night (USA)

Jo Ann Snover 20 2015-12-12
San Antonio at night (USA)

San Antonio is a city in the American state of Texas. Saint Anthony of Padua is its patron. His feast was set up by the Spanish missionaries and explorers in 1691 and it is celebrated on June 13. The monuments of religious architecture, including the famous Alamo chapel known from the battle in 1863 remind of the Catholic missions that spread Christianity among the natives. It is also worth visiting the Cathedral of San Fernando that was built in the 17th century – one of the oldest churches in the United States. The city is known for its theme parks, including the SeaWorld, hotels, museums and the Majestic Theatre. The network of riverside walkways (The San Antonio River Walk) is also considered to be a tourist attraction. San Antonio is dominated by the Tower of the Americas.

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