Crisp Point Light (USA)

Rudi1976 140 2016-01-10
Crisp Point Light (USA)

Crisp Point Light is a lighthouse that belongs to the system of lighthouses on the Great Lakes on the border between the United States and Canada. Crisp Point Lighthouse was built in 1875 on the south-eastern shore of Lake Superior and along with other lighthouses it was supposed to facilitate inland waterway transport in the north of the United States. The lighthouse operated until 1992 when it was closed and began to fall into ruin, during one of the storms the entrance to the lighthouse was destroyed. Soon, however, ownership of Crisp Point Lighthouse had been transferred to Luce County and it was renovated. One thousand cubic yards of stone were placed in front of the tower to stabilize and protect it.

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TROCHĘ DUŻO 81 90 85 oj slabienko 124 Kiepściutko . I liked this. Cool picture. jest 67 Lato Lato (*-*) cudo OK. Trudna świetne ujęcie - 70 super good puzzle ! pięknie latarnia nie dalekie moje dom z Rozewie Podobało mi się :) Piękne zdjęcie! :))) ok ok. 67 69 "FAJNA" LATARNIA MORSKA :D :) 71 71

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