Chateau de Chambord (France)

Richard Semik 368 2016-10-15
Chateau de Chambord (France)

A beautiful Renaissance castle built in the 16th century can be admired in the town of Chambord, in the Loire Valley. The building is situated on the river Cosson and is visible from afar thanks to the six impressive towers and the main facade that is 128 meters long. The castle was built on the orders of kings Francis I and Henry II. The construction lasted as many as forty years (1519-1559). The Italian architect Domenico da Cortona is one of the designers of the castle. There are over 400 chambers in the building, dozens of staircases and lots of fireplaces.

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46 84 :( 64 ;) Piękny. 13202 50 56 bomba olè piekne,wynik 45 45 cudo 179 45 51 ok 46 48 ok. 45, przyjemne układanie 45 Uwielbiam te puzzle, tym bardziej, że czasem znajduję się na liście, jak tym razem 45 69 ok ok 47 Ładny zameczek i wynik w normie-46 :) jestem na liście :) (47)

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