Cathedral of the Nativity of Saint Mary in Milan (Italy)

Sergej Borzov 165 2017-09-26
Cathedral of the Nativity of Saint Mary in Milan (Italy)

The monumental Gothic Cathedral of the Nativity of St. Mary in Milan was consecrated in 1572, but its construction began almost two hundred years earlier. It is one of the highest temples in the world, it also has five naves. Its distinctive, richly decorated facade of pink and white marble is a landmark of Milan. Numerous spires and pinnacles are also noteworthy, due to them the cathedral is jokingly called the "hedgehog". The intricate carvings and statues cover the facade of the temple, as well as its doors and the roof, where the observation deck is. Il Duomo di Milano has stained glass windows illuminated from the inside.

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super 71 mam 70 najpiekniejsce, wynik 67 70 60 :) :) :) :) jest PIEKNA KATEDRA :) 59 62 99 64 ok jestem nr 1 na liście :) (62)

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