Great Hypostyle in Karnak (Egypt)

merydolla 176 2019-01-24
Great Hypostyle in Karnak (Egypt)

The ancient city of Karnak lies in Upper Egypt, on the east bank of the Nile. In ancient times there was a magnificent complex of sacral buildings erected in honor of the Theban gods. The most famous object of Karnak is the temple of Amun-Re with an impressive column hall called the Great Hypostyle. The hypostyle hall in Karnak is a real architectural jewel. Its ceiling was based on 134 columns. The highest of them, located in the main nave, is 23 meters high. The lower ones, with the capitals in the shape of closed papyrus flowers, were arranged in as many as 14 rows.

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fun puzzle! mjw poprawione do 96 kapitalna zabawa z perspektywą...poległem totalnie... 125 272 76 super! aa KIEPSKO AŻ 85 :) 74 76 mam 79 ok 90 124 bez podglądu udało się :) jest jest jestem na liście :)(76) ok 82

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