Colorful houses in Burano (Italy)

Tanialerro 35 2019-03-17
Colorful houses in Burano (Italy)

Burano is a town situated on one of the islands in the Venetian Lagoon. Although it is less known than its famous neighbor, it is certainly no less interesting. Venice is famous for its glass and carnival masks, whereas Burano is known worldwide for its lace. Local women had been involved in this craft since the Middle Ages, however, the nineteenth-century industrial revolution threatened regional handicraft and for that reason a school of lace making was opened, which has operated ever since. Its graduates make lace with the use of a traditional method called punto in aria, using only thread and a needle. The original lace from Burano is continuously replaced by much cheaper, mass-produced imitations sold in souvenir stalls, but it cannot be compared with real, hand-made lace.

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