Jellybeans in sugar

roberaten 48 2019-08-02
Jellybeans in sugar

Colorful, sweet jellies of different flavors and shapes are favorite sweets of most children. Unfortunately, despite the fact they look inconspicuous against the background of sweet cookies and chocolates, they are equally unhealthy and high-calorie. Currently, the confectionery market offers more and more products in which animal-derived ingredients, such as gelatin, are replaced by their vegan counterparts, e.g. agar. Some manufacturers also decide to give up the popular glucose-fructose syrup, which is the basis of many sweets that may be purchased in store, in order to use healthier sweeteners.

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TRUDNE super słodkości ok łatwe 252 Fajne! 191 za pierwszym (i ostatnim!) podejściem ;) tad12 i MAK ;((( Co za przyjemność układać pierdylion razy? całkiem fajne :) dzisiaj lepiej 188 ok !!!!! 221 230 247 349 super,ale było trudno jest 184 ... super! Póki co 11 miejsce ... słodko !!! 199 ok 192 207 jestem na liście :) (210) 462 ok?

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