View from Diamond Head crater (USA)

Bryan Busovicki 299 2012-09-06
View from Diamond Head crater (USA)

Diamond Head is a volcanic cone located on the Hawaii Islands on the island of Oahu (8 km from Honolulu). This place was created about 150 000 years ago as a result of eruption. This area is particularly often visited by tourists. From Diamond Head it is possible to see the city centre that gets more and more beautiful, as well as the well-known Waikiki beach. Almost the whole crater is made accessible for the tourists. Climbing the crater are admiring the beautiful panorama of the Hawaii Islands is the main attraction. On top of the crated there are antennas that are used by the American government.

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jest 99 - wynik przyzwoity, a pucelek znakomity, :) 107 piekne panorama Widok cudny, wynik nie! 89- nie było łatwo ciezko ale udalo sie 149 jedziemy na //wakacje...................... Ładny widok ;) :) :-);-):-D:D:-P:P:-]:]

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