View at Tyrol (Austria)

Raluca Teodorescu 532 2012-10-28
View at Tyrol (Austria)

Austrian Tyrol is the place of rest for plenty of tourists, who are attracted by lots of attractions. There are very well developed holiday centers, numerous spas and places to do winter sports. Undoubtedly it is the main tourist region of the country. Visitors may use many attractions, both for those who prefer being active and for those who prefer to be passive. Tourists may climb the mountains, hike on the tourist trails, ride a bicycle, swim and also eat well in numerous bars and restaurants. For winter sport lovers it is a real paradise. Ski lifts and equipment rentals are open all year round.

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ok NIE BYŁO ŁATWE 182 Tyrol dał mi w kość 167 312 jest I always try to not look back at the photo when solving and it made the last half very tricky! :) ciekawy widoczek 184 Piękny sielski widoczek, ale trudny do ułożenia, niestety. Trudny ukladanki az do 163 ika ika UDAŁO SIE Easy at the beginning, difficult at the end! 685 285 Ładne :) ok. kiepsko [156] uroczy zakątek na ziemi -miłe!!! :) ;;)

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