Vineyards in the valley of the River Douro (Portugal)

Kuna George 70 2017-01-18
Vineyards in the valley of the River Douro (Portugal)
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The Douro river flows through the territories of Spain and Portugal. The famous Portuguese wine-region of Alto Douro with the centuries-old tradition of viticulture lies on its banks. The vineyards are situated on steep slopes that are interspersed here and there with olive and orange trees. In the valley of the river wine producers collect grapes from which port wine is made. Formerly, the wine in barrels produced in the region of Alto Douro was transported to major cities by the river.

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jest 84 wynik jak na mnie swietny, i obyło się ułożyć samodzielnie. Przepiękna fotka Some little spots of greenery slowed me down but most went great. :) wole mieszkam na wsi,wynik 91 ciężki było 130 116 Winko popijam z tych winnic . ok fajne 76 122,ok. 98 89 123

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