Quiraing Hill on the Isle of Skye (United Kingdom)

martinm303 117 2018-09-18
Quiraing Hill on the Isle of Skye (United Kingdom)

The Scottish Isle of Skye lies in the Inner Hebrides. Its areas are very diverse and the density of population is small, therefore you can enjoy beautiful landscapes without any problems. The Cuillin mountain range is located on Skye. The picturesque Quiraing hill is in fact a landslide covered with juicy green grass. Fantastic rock formations and jagged peaks here and there are intersected by narrow gaps. The island also has antique castles that belonged to local clans and a whiskey distillery.

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odpoczynek na powietrzu, wynik 58 59 oui 64jjj :) ZA DUŻO BŁĘDÓW 60 ALE UKŁADAŁO SIĘ SUPER mam ok jest 56! 56 ok jestem na liście :) (56) 57/21 62 jest 70

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