Maine Coon cat

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Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon is a cat breed originating from North America, distinguished primarily by its long, two-layer coat and the large size of the animal. Male individuals can weigh even more than ten kilograms. Their impressive fluffy tail is another characteristic feature of these cats. Maine Coon cats are usually quite sociable and become attached to their guardian more than representatives of other breeds, which is particularly desirable among lovers of murmuring pets. Some Main Coons also love fetching and walking outside the house.

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Art! zero:trzydzieści dwa? jakim cudem? no chyba że było 6 klocków. u mnie czas 2:15 równo 50 ruchów! chciałbym to robić codziennie... OK 34 nibyłatweatrudne: 44 MOJA KOLEŻANKA MA TAKIEGO mieuuu trudne ……… ……… ……….] jej... :D 28!!! słodziak 28/10 ok ok fajne trudne ysyyy bumshakalaka FAJNY KOCUR. LUBIĘ KOTY ... Takie same mam, wynik 32 30 50 ''PAN KICIUS'' ROBI SELFIE:D?? 34 29/21 Przyjemnie :D 31 ok? 35 39 32 30 32 32 36 ok 27 32 84 32.. 32 34

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