French Bulldog puppy

lilun 135 2020-09-15
French Bulldog puppy

The French Bulldog belongs to small Molossian dogs for companionship. The breed originated in France, but the ancestors of its representatives were English Bulldogs – they appeared in the country on the Seine with a group of British emigrants. The dogs are characterized by a stocky, muscular body, short and wrinkled muzzle and large ears. French bulldogs often suffer from allergies, they are also susceptible to eye and ear infections, as well as hip dysplasia. Nevertheless, there are many enthusiasts of that breed, because they are characterized by a mild, gentle attitude and get emotionally attached to the owner.

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32 oki ok 84 46 było super ok Niektórzy już świętują 38 36 39 ok 32 37 39 ok? ok 39 OK OK jest OK 38 38 ok jestem nr 1 na liście :) hihi, to już chyba przygotowania do świąt ") we wrześniu bombki układamy :)

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