Fishing boats in the port of Urk (the Netherlands)

Tomasz Parys 88 2016-07-01
Fishing boats in the port of Urk (the Netherlands)

Urk is a town in the Dutch province of Flevoland. Urk used to be located on an island, however, in 1939 a dike was built from the mainland to Urk. The town has made most of its income from fishing, a fish is even depicted in the town’s coat of arms. With the passing of time Urk’s economy has also been influenced by fish and fishing equipment trade, what is more, the services sector and tourism have also grown considerably. The town has a seaside, a bit old-fashioned climate. Apart from the port Urk has a lighthouse, statue of a fisherman, coastal promenade. The color of the local scenery of Urk is even more attractive due to the presence of small fishing houses and colorful fishing boats. The town used to be isolated for many years and for that reason the old dialect and some elements of distinct folklore have been preserved.

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