Yachts in the harbour of Cala Ratjada (Spain)

Łukasz Skorwider 50 2017-11-11
Yachts in the harbour of Cala Ratjada (Spain) online puzzle

Cala Ratjada, or "Bay of the Rays", is a former fishing village that has changed into a beautiful, lively resort within a few last decades. Near the port there is a sandy beach with a gradual slope to clean water. Other attractions include a cruise on board of a ship, speedboat ride or scuba diving. In the resort there are plenty of pubs, clubs, water sport equipment rentals and discos. Some restaurants and entertainment venues are located outdoors in the immediate vicinity of the harbor.

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90-widok super. :) to nasz port, wynik 92 92 :) ok Jachty w porcie Cala Ratjada :) 87 88 104 - wcale nie takie proste jak myślałam i piękne też jest super 88 89,ok. 95 96 ok 122 99 157 182 ok 89 ok :) 132 ok 164 jestem nr 1 na liście :) (87

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