Motor boats in Port de Sóller (Spain)

Łukasz Skorwider 247 2017-12-16
Motor boats in Port de Sóller (Spain)
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Port de Sóller is a beautiful holiday resort in Majorca, located in a quiet cove in the northwest of the island. The promenade full of palm trees and small cafes with white umbrellas is located in the immediate vicinity of the port, where modern motorboats and sailing boats are moored. The tourists are also attracted by the characteristic Majorcan buildings with terraces that are situated mainly on the hillside. The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range located near the town, it offers tourists visiting Port de Sóller not only breathtaking landscapes, but also a unique microclimate.

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ok.,119 i am a god :) ok.,119 tylko 127 , ale i tak dobrze , bo obrazek bazowy bardzo slaby jest piekne port, wynik 143 177 - już raz do połowy ukladałam te cudowne pucelki. ale gdzieś mi zniknęły...?! Dziś doprowadziłam sprawę do końca , ale łatwiej wcale nie było. Lukasz, (nie wiedziałam że to też Twoje) - robisz rewelacyjnej fotki, nie przestawaj! Wesołych Świąt wszystkim iyu 227jjjjjjjjj 125 ok :) ok 225 123 124 ok 160 jestem na liście :) (152)

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