Yachts at Svaneke marina (Denmark)

Łukasz Skorwider 425 2018-01-06
Yachts at Svaneke marina (Denmark)

Svaneke is called the Sunny Town as there are more sunny days than in other Danish cities. It is the easternmost town on the island of Bornholm. This former fishing village developed thanks to fishing and commerce. There are still historic merchant houses near the marina that today function as hotels. Half-timbered buildings with bright and colorful façades provide a beautiful background for marina basins, where yachts from other Baltic countries moor. On windy days or whenever there are no berths, the port is closed.

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piekne port, wynik 93 90 92 93 jest 109 bez podglądu 93 107 ok !! :) 96 106 - na wodzie zepsułam wynik - szkoda... ach te liny na masztach super 158 :) 95 ok

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