Caribbean beach on Virgin Gorda Island (United Kingdom)

Blueorange Studio 580 2017-09-04
Caribbean beach on Virgin Gorda Island (United Kingdom) puzzle from photo

Virgin Gorda is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, a part of the territory of the British Virgin Islands in the West Indies. The most frequently photographed part of Virgin Gorda is a peninsula in the south-western part of the island, which is full of granite boulders lying on a sandy beach, washed by the waves. Large boulders, known as The Baths, create fantastic rock formations – picturesque caves and natural pools are frequently visited by tourists. In the area of the island there are as many as five national parks, including the Copper Mine National Park with the remains of the nineteenth-century copper mine.

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46 43 46 47 ZA DUŻO 47 45 50 piękny widok i niezły wynik -44 53 ok 48 54 jako tako piękna plaża ok, 44,ok. 46 45, 45 45, 47 ok 45 45, 46 47 45,ok. 45 ok. 45,ok. ok/ 45,ok. ok. ok. 46 47 47 46 47 :) 47,ok. 46 49 jest super 52 ok 80 jestem na liście :) (46) 45

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