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Chameleons are reptiles from Africa. These cute lizards are usually adapted to arboreal lifestyle, grabbing branches with limbs and a tail. They use their long, sticky tongue for hunting insects. Chameleons have good eyesight and each eye can move independently, looking in two different sides. The largest and most popular among the reptile breeders of the Chamaeleonidae family is the Yemeni chameleon that lives mainly on the Arabian Peninsula.

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52 nie pasuje do otoczenia SUPER piękna jaszczurka 73.... ale brzydki ! a 51 ok super :) :) 48 brzydki ten gad ! 51 ok POPRAWIŁAM BEZ BŁĘDU Z JEDNYM BONUSEM 52 54 brr... 54 52.. TAKIE ŁATWE A TYLE BŁĘDÓW 55 46/4 ok 51 51 77 53 59:) 59 ok 51 ok? 52 ok juest 53

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