Green cliffs on the island of Kaua'i (USA)

jeannemhatch 580 2020-09-02
Green cliffs on the island of Kaua'i (USA)

The American island of Kaua'i lies in the Pacific Ocean in the Hawaiian archipelago. Kaua'i is a volcanic island that impresses with its unusual terrain, dominated by deep valleys and steep, green cliffs. This 6-million-year-old piece of land is also distinguished by its fertile soil and exceptionally lush vegetation, which is why Kaua'i is called the Island of Gardens. There are many waterfalls in the tropical forest, whereas steep cliffs are as impressive as deep canyons. The Polynesian settlers were the first inhabitants of Kaua’i, they inhabited the island 700 years ago.

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ok ufff 138;ok jest 209 wynik /wstyd się przyznać :(/ ale klify super 312 bardzo ok Z pierwszego tłoczenia 13 miejsce!!! ;))) A widok ... chętnie na własne oczy ... ok widok super !! 139 ok 431 154 jet ok jestem nr 1 na liście :) (175)

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