Mount Fitz Roy on De Los Tres Lagoon (Argentina)

Dmitry Pichugin 63 2014-10-16
Mount Fitz Roy on De Los Tres Lagoon (Argentina) online puzzle

The local native people from the Tehuelche tribe used to name the Mount Fitz Roy as Chaltén, i.e. “smoking mountain”. The mountain owes its name to the fact that it is often surrounded by thick clouds, formed in result of evaporation of water that is gathered on the mountainsides. The name Fitz Roy was given by Francisco Moreno, the European discoverer, which was meant to honor Robert FitzRoy, the British sailor, who travelled with Darwin during his famous exploration voyage. Despite the fact that the mountains is relatively low, as its height reaches slightly over 2000 meters above the sea level, the climbers consider it as one of the most difficult in the Andes. Climbing its steep sides requires lots of skills and experience. It is even more difficult due to frequent changes of weather conditions.

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