Horses in the pasture

zuzule 35 2020-02-24
Horses in the pasture online puzzle

Formerly, herds of horses grazed on vast steppe spaces, which provided them with the right dose of movement and fresh air. Also today, owners of studs, equestrian clubs and private breeders are obliged to provide animals with access to open space, allowing free movement, nibbling on so-called forage and contact with other horses. Horses that graze regularly – both adults and foals - remain healthy and fit longer than animals spending most of their lives in tight boxes.

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Best time

  • 0:30Diama
  • 0:34ewana
  • 0:35art
  • 0:38(28)S
  • 0:38(33)Baca
  • 0:38(42)Mudkip
  • 0:39ale
  • 0:42(32)nina
  • 0:42(32)jolkali
  • 0:44tt

Best accuracy

  • 27(0:30)Diama
  • 27(0:34)ewana
  • 27(5:02)Alina
  • 28(0:38)S
  • 28(0:48)Mariola
  • 28(0:55)gaga
  • 28(1:05)jagoda
  • 28(1:05)pawełek
  • 28(1:07)jolkali
  • 28(1:58)hala

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