Transmutation Contest

Elena Roose 35 2018-03-24
Transmutation Contest puzzle from photo

Remember to sign your school data before completing the puzzle and in the e-mail sent! <br />
<br />
Send solutions via e-mail ( or via the school owlery. <br />
<br />
Competition questions: <br />
1. What was the name of the witch teaching Transfiguration at Hogwarts? <br />
2. Can we see the Hogwarts teacher in the arranged picture? If so, please explain why. <br />
3. Which part of the "Harry Potter" adventures can the scene in the stacked picture come from? Write its full name. <br />
4. Name one of the Transfiguration textbooks that were used by the Hogwarts students. <br />
5. At Hogwarts, during the first Transfiguration lesson, described in the first part of Harry Potter, the students worked on monotransmutation. What was the substrate and the product of their transformations?

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