Beedle's Tales online puzzle

Lily Carter-Stewart 70 2020-01-17
Beedle's Tales online puzzle

Arrange the puzzle by signing the name, surname and house / function. You can get 15 points / gal for completing the puzzle, and for the smallest number of moves / shortest time there is a bonus of 10 points / gal. Puzzles can be completed until January 17, 2020, midnight.

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      Landscape Woman holding Building Water Still Life Photography Horse text Fire Person Visual arts Painting Night Midnight Statue couple tints shades event fictional character Heat Shadow Animation cg artwork Fiction Darkness dark Armour Weapon Silhouette Still life photography Entertainment tints and shades backlighting Missile Man

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      jejku, zmęczyłam się tymi puzzlami ._.Ja nie mogę w to grać, za trudne XD

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