Multiplayer games

Multiplayer puzzle

In the basic version of our puzzles, players compete with each other, trying to arrange the puzzles as precisely and as quickly as possible. Multiplayer puzzles also offer the possibility of cooperation during the game.

Games in progress

Ready to join the game? You can find a list of games in progress on the "Join game" page. You will always find a link to it in the top navigation. Simply join the game and help others solve the puzzle.

Closer to traditional puzzles

When dealing with cardboard puzzles, the whole family often gathers, working together for the final success - the arranged picture. A common goal, but also competition - who finds the next matching piece faster, who is more perceptive - makes puzzles such an addictive entertainment. Long talks during many hours of arranging complete the unique atmosphere of the puzzle table. We hope that our puzzles will appeal to enthusiasts of cardboard puzzles, but also bring a lot of pleasure to people who did not like traditional puzzles before.

Virtual Table

In our multiplayer game, we give you the opportunity to create a virtual multiplayer table at which several people can sit together. Your team may be consist of strangers (it is also an opportunity to get to know each other), but you can also invite your friends or family to play online together. You can play puzzles in order to relax and talk to other players. You can also start competing between the team mates, trying to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible and making as few mistakes as possible. So what matters most is good cooperation. When setting up a virtual table, you can choose from many available pictures. As with individual online puzzles, precision and speed count in a multiplayer game. In the multiplayer version, we count the time and correct and incorrect movements that each of the players made. The team's task is to arrange the picture in the shortest possible time.

How to start

Wondering how to start? Nothing easier. Look for an empty seat at the table where the game is taking place. You can also choose any picture and set up a table yourself, where others can join. In order to start a new multiplayer game, you need to select one of the pictures from our catalog. When you press "Solve puzzle" on the selected photo, you will be able to choose the type of game.

By pressing the green button "{difficultybutton}" under the photo, you can set the difficulty level, a drop-down list will appear with the difficulty levels depending on the number of puzzle pieces. Blue is the easiest level and purple is the hardest. You cannot change the difficulty level during the game. When the game will be too difficult for you, you will have to recreate it.

After selecting the difficulty level, press "Create a multiplayer game table" to start a multiplayer game, or "Start a new game" to start a solo game.

It is not possible to change the type of game during the game.

After setting up a table, you can share the link to the game with your friends, just press the "Share" button and choose the way you want to share the link. You can share it on facebook, pinterest, twitter, send an email or copy the link to the clipboard and paste it to a friend on the messenger.