Sculpture in the shape of two rings in Astana (Kazakhstan)

Igor Zhorov 294 2020-06-27
Sculpture in the shape of two rings in Astana (Kazakhstan)

Astana is the stunning capital of Kazakhstan, known for extravagant investments. It is full of architectural structures that combine traditional style with modernity. Many structures here refer to a variety of religious symbols, among others there are symbols referring to the Sun Cult. Even the figures of silver rings adorning the lawn refer to folk ornament and their intense colors compete with colorful flowers planted between the Presidential Palace and the Bayterek observation tower.

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374 lok bardzo ok :) ok Piękne medaliony!!! The background is tough! Très beau et différent. ciekawy pomnik 689 jest 198 OK 148 ... jakie to trudne!!! 220 251 ok jestem nr 1 na liście :) (189)

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