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Khoa Lê 170 2024-06-04
My puz is here\ puzzle online from photo

This painting depicts a peaceful street scene at sunset. The scene appears to be an urban alley with buildings with various signs, possibly designating shops or restaurants. The sky is gradually blue, suggesting that it is morning or evening, and there is a large, partially obscured, moon in the background. Street lights and bright windows add a warm glow to the scene. There are no people visible, which creates a quiet space. A bicycle is parked to the right near garbage bags and a broom, showing signs of daily life despite the absence of people. This painting could be interesting for its relaxing atmosphere and detail in depicting a resting urban environment.

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      City Car Window Neighbourhood Metropolitan area Building Façade Residential area Cityscape outdoor Street scene Traffic Vehicle Blue Sidewalk Road Infrastructure Road surface Street light azure Wheel Morning Tire asphalt Bicycle wheel Anime Sky way

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