Summer stop no. 24 - PYRZYCE

BI BI 150 2011-12-05
Summer stop no. 24 - PYRZYCE

It is the last Sunday in August and the last day of our summer escapade. Due to the turmoil in accommodation, today we have 4 voivodships and about 800 km to travel. In addition, my personal insisted on seeing BIG CHRISTO in Świebodzin. Oki, so they went. On the way, we stopped by to Pyrzyce for a moment. A small, about 13,000 town with gigantic (2 km long and in places 9 m high), beautiful and well-preserved city walls from the 14th and 15th centuries, surrounding the town center. There are 5 towers, several hideouts and 2 gates in the line of the walls. On the puck, the Owl Tower next to the Szczecin Gate.

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  • 10:44necia
  • 11:18mariola
  • 11:31kinia
  • 11:36e
  • 12:16d
  • 12:34katie
  • 12:47doduś
  • 12:55kiki
  • 13:14epek
  • 13:27lama

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  • 144jolka
  • 145Reniek
  • 146(20:12)BI
  • 146(25:53)DAREK
  • 147(24:59)ella
  • 147(26:53)Sylrus
  • 148(12:47)doduś
  • 148(37:07)ewasz
  • 149(35:39)shara
  • 149(42:06)kkk

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no i jak tu lubić drzewa, nawet w tak ciekawym miejscu Ok.,154 ładniuchne, ale się ukryło w :) oki Bardzo fajne:) okej; Super widoczek! Bardzo ciekawe te mury.Super się układało. BI, najlepsze były ptaszki :-). ;))

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