PCC historic tram on the streets of San Francisco (USA) online puzzle

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PCC historic tram on the streets of San Francisco (USA) puzzle online from photo

The first tram line in Los Angeles was opened in 1873 and since then the network of connections began to grow quickly. However, in the late 1920s, when cars were mass-produced, tram communication began to make more and more losses. In order to modernize trams and make them more competitive special President's Conference Committee was appointed. The committee was supposed to develop a new model of a streetcar. That is how the PCC streetcar, named after the first letters of the name of the committee, was created. Unfortunately, the mid-twentieth century the authorities of Los Angeles decided to replace trams with buses. Nevertheless, in the 1980s the authorities decided to open the line on which the historic trams ride, among which the most popular are the PCCs.

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