Cruise ship in Porto Cristo (Spain)

Łukasz Skorwider 72 2018-03-10
Cruise ship in Porto Cristo (Spain) puzzle from photo

A cruise on board of a pleasure boat is one of unique tourist attractions for visitors to Majorca. Tourists may admire the rocky coast of the Balearic Islands. The Sea Odyssey offers two hundred and fifty seats for passengers, two bars and several large windows below the waterline, providing exceptional views. During the cruise a short stop is provided, tourists may swim near the ship then and take advantage of the slide mounted on its stern.

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Best time

  • 1:28elkusi
  • 1:32art
  • 1:37goga
  • 1:43ale
  • 2:08M.P.
  • 2:13(69)x
  • 2:13(70)xxx
  • 2:33bogusia
  • 2:36Mira
  • 2:54bbb

Best accuracy

  • 64(2:17)M.P.
  • 64(34:06)aa
  • 66(1:33)elkusi
  • 66(1:43)ale
  • 66(3:15)Mira
  • 66(3:48)hala
  • 66(4:43)jagoda
  • 67(6:01)dora
  • 67(15:34)Badul
  • 68goga

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omss 75 ok 71 ok wynik, 89 to mój statek 100 71 niebo i woda to zakała-87 pensavo peggio :) 77 85 :) jest 77, ale błedów parę - niepotrzebnych oyu 78jjj ok 105 0k PIERWSZY RAZ NA LIŚCIE ALE ZA CHWILĘ RUSZĄ SPECJALIŚCI POZDRAWIAM WSZYSTKICH OJ POPŁYNĘŁO BY SIĘ NIC Z TEGO 73 75 jestem nr 1 na liście :) (70)

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