Street on a canal in Bruges (Belgium)

Igor Dmitriev 96 2014-07-19
Street on a canal in Bruges (Belgium) online puzzle

Bruges is the largest city in Flanders, a historic region in Belgium. Its name originates from the old-Dutch word meaning “bridge” and refers to a characteristic feature of the city’s landscape with a large number of canals, the banks of which are spanned by numerous bridges. Due to that fact Bruges is often referred to as the “Venice of the North”. Numerous canals and medieval gothic architecture of the city centre create a unique atmosphere of an inland port. The old Bruges tenement houses were not only used as the residential buildings but also as warehouses. They were built over canals, thanks to which it was possible to unload goods from a ship directly to a warehouse. In 2000 the Bruges old town was listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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беше супер 100 ;) 218 - piękne i pełne nastroju super jest Good puzzle 110 123 piękny obrazek ale te liście - 110 Cyba jest wegorz pod woda,wynik 97 fajny ok :) zabawa wspaniała Poległam. 179 :P ładny widoczek gdyby była tam jesień było by łatwiej - 113 troszke trudne!!! 12...PIĘKNIE ciekawy obrazek! :) SUPER !!! 92;ok ładny widok ale drzewa koszmarnie się układa 158 very nice picture ok. fajny widok ;) Prawie jak w Wenecji,pięknie.

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