View of Florence (Italy)

Mihtiander 32 2014-11-18
View of Florence (Italy)

Florence is the city established by the Etruscans and the city’s name was given by Julius Cesar in the 1st century B.C. During the Renaissance period such artists as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci created there. The city is also known for the activity of the House of Medici. Dante Alighieri, the author of the Divine Comedy, also came from Florence. Among the most important historic buildings of the city it is a must to mentions Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, Vecchio Palace or Medicea Laurenziana Library. Unfortunately, during numerous floods many Florence monuments were destroyed and one of the constructions that has survived until the present day is the 14th century Old Bridge (Italian: Ponte Vecchio). The bridge was not damaged during the World War II either. In the past there were shops and workshops situated along the bridge, and today the local jewelers also run their businesses there. It is the city’s landmark and a popular tourist attraction.

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ZERO BŁĘDU MAŁO BONUSÓW 53 aa :) jest 57, i nie jestem na liście :( 64 54 88 ale się poplątałam 100 60..oj Pięknie... było tak blisko 54 :( super ok/64 52:) :) 58 53, pieknie Dawno lat temu bylem ,wspaniale,wynik 57 extra widok ok :) 80 :) 78 70 ok Bardzo przyjemnie się układało tę Florencję (58) ok:) :) hihi, no i się udało :) 47 94o.k fajne jestem na liście :) ok 71

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