View of the Old Town in Gdansk (Poland) online puzzle

Tupungato 150 2015-03-20
View of the Old Town in Gdansk (Poland) puzzle online from photo

Gdansk is the city located in the north of Poland on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is at the same time the largest port and industrial, cultural and educational center in the north of the country. It is the city with the identity shaped by the influence of numerous cultures and traditions as well as by significant historic events that took place there. Identity of Gdansk was also shaped by the Hanseatic tradition as the city belonged to the most important ports of modern Europe, as well as the tragic events of World War II, the outbreak of which is symbolically placed in Gdansk. The city’s identity was also influenced by general strikes of shipyard workers, which sparked the fall of communism in Europe.

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      153starówka piękna - 175UF,ciężko było-171trudne, ale widok piękny, polskich obrazków jest nie za wielefajne ale wcale nie łatwepiękny widok Starego Miasta, lubię Gdańsk ale kiepsko mi poszło - 259fajneTile lat mieszkalem tutaj,wynik 159175...oczka bolą:)))269trudny i godny do zrobienie - superTrudne ,ale takie powinny być puzzle. 146352 i juz, ALE PUZLE SUPER SIE UKLADALO150jest147 i za dużo ... ;((I się zrobiło150peknéok163

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