Shinkyo Bridge in Nikko (Japan) online puzzle

Sean Pavone 130 2015-09-06
Shinkyo Bridge in Nikko (Japan) puzzle online from photo

Shinkyo Bridge, which is also called the Sacred Bridge, belongs to the Shinto Futarasan Shrine in the city of Nikko, Japan. Together with the two other cult places, Tosho-gu and Rinno-ji, it forms the Shrines and Temples of Nikko UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sacred Bridge belongs to the most valuable monuments within the shrine. According to the legend, a monk named Shodo and his followers climbed the nearby mountain to pray for prosperity of Japan. Unfortunately, the group was unable to cross the fast flowing Daiya River. They received help from the god called Jinja-Daiou, who released colorful snakes and they transformed themselves into a rainbow-like bridge.

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