Old town in Tallin (Estonia) online puzzle

Oleksiy Mark 60 2015-10-20
Old town in Tallin (Estonia) puzzle online from photo

Tallin is a port city located on the Baltic Sea, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. The city is also the capital of Estonia. The city has existed since the 10th century and from the very beginning of its existence it was an important commercial center and for that reason it was growing rapidly. Today tourists visiting the old town in Tallin may admire traces of former glory, however, the 16th-century St. Olaf’s Church that dominates the landscape is most impressive. Its construction lasted for three centuries. The church’s tower is 123m high, however, in the Middle Ages it was 159m high and was the highest building in that part of Europe. According to the legend, the church’s architect – Olaf – fell off the top of the tower when the construction of the church was almost finished. He died instantly and a frog and snake came out of his mouth. The residents of Tallin, who were grateful for erecting such a magnificent church, decided to name the church after its creator.

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