Fortress in Ivangorod (Russia) online puzzle

Konstantin Kulikov 48 2016-05-11
Fortress in Ivangorod (Russia) puzzle online from photo

Ivangorod is a Russian town located in Leningrad Oblast on the River Narva. Until 1945 it was the part of the Estonian town of Narva. The fortress was built in 1492 on the initiative of Ivan III Vasilyevich, the Moscow prince. During several hundred years of its existence it changed hands: it was under the Swedish rule, then it was occupied by the army of Peter the Great and unlit the World War II it belonged to Estonia. On the other side of the river there is the Hermann Castle.

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      Wasn't hard but it was a pleasant picture puzzle.yes yesttokmury runąsuperbez błędu ale tylko 47ok51, :)5339 super!!!, 1-sze miejsce na liście :)44...45ok 455244 ok, jestem na lisciejestem na liście :) (44)48:)4661, bezsensowne wpadki45 druga próbabez błeduCałkiem dobry wynik: 4880 :(875449- z dwoma pomyłkami ale niebo ciekawe61,ok,45BEZ BŁĘDU 47 POZDRAWIAMjestwynik 4744moze bycależ układałam tę skarpę, błąd za błędem, 72 krokicudoprzez chwile nr 1 - 4547

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