French Riviera from the Castle Hill in Nice (France)

Francesco Bucchi 63 2016-07-28
French Riviera from the Castle Hill in Nice (France)

Nice is a French city located on the French Riviera in the department of Alpes-Maritimes. In Nice there is the 7-kilometer boulevard with the palm alley is located right on the Mediterranean coastline. In the city there are ruins of a Roman amphitheater and the thermae from the 3rd century. Nevertheless, the majority of architectural monuments located in the Old Town are churches and palaces. The panorama of the city is best admired from the Castle Hill, where a defensive fortress used to protect the city. However, only the remains of the walls have been preserved to this day and the surrounding area was transformed into a city park.

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  • 1:15Baca
  • 1:33franchino
  • 1:34(61)LL
  • 1:34(62)ale
  • 1:42(62)gerdi
  • 1:42(62)elkusi
  • 1:43goga
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  • 56(2:04)gerdi
  • 56(2:33)bbb
  • 56(3:01)eli
  • 56(4:06)franchino
  • 57(1:32)Baca
  • 57(1:44)ale
  • 57(1:53)ewana
  • 57(2:01)LL
  • 57(11:46)maja
  • 58Mira

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BARDZO PIĘKNE MIEJSCE ... :) :) jest piekne panorama, wynik 76 132 64 80 ok ok_66 niestety 74 76 ok. 72... ok 60 89 jestem na liście :) (64)

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