Church in the village of Ludrová (Slovakia)

Jaroslav Moravcik 28 2017-03-20
Church in the village of Ludrová (Slovakia) puzzle from photo

A picturesque village of Ludrová is located in the central part of Slovakia, near the town of Ruzomberok. The village lies on the tourist trail, so it is often visited by lovers of the nearby mountains, hiking towards the Low Tatras. There is a historic church of All Saints with a characteristic quadrangular tower in the settlement. The temple is supposedly the place where Johannes Gottfried von Herberstein was buried – he was visiting the Order of the Templars and in 1230 he died in unexplained circumstances. According to a legend, under the temple’s altar the treasures belonging to him were hidden. There are also the thirteenth-century frescoes in the church.

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